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QRes is the simple, elegant way to manage your business.

QRes is an innovative property management system which has the functionality and ease of use you've come to expect in Windows software. It was originally released in 2005 and is now installed in 7 countries. It has processed over 62,000 incident free on-line bookings for QRes clients through their own websites with a value of over $US 25 million.
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It's easy to use
Your reservations are presented in a standard horizontal bar format. You can drag/drop and resize bookings just as you'd expect, in a way which is familiar to Windows users.

Your Data is Secure
Your QRes database resides on your own PC. This ensures your business continuity and data security. Reservations systems that house your data in the clouds are vulnerable to service interruptions and data security issues that you can avoid with QRes.

It's easy to set up and install
QRes runs on any computer with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or later including Windows 8.

All you need to do is to run the QRes installer, then connect to the QRes server. Your establishment profile which QRes support staff prepare (at no cost) from the information you provide about your your accommodation, tariff and and tariff rules is uploaded into the system on your PC. You can be up and running in hours.

An easy to use editor allow you to change any of the the information, including changes to tariffs at any time after installation.

The AutoQuoter
It's got our unique Automatic Quote Generator built in. While you're giving a quote face-to-face, on the phone, or via email, just click & drag a new booking with your mouse on the appropriate room and dates, and the system calculates the price for you instantly. This has to be seen to be believed. It can generate any number of line items in a quote, based on:
  • Origin of the booking
  • Dates & length of the stay
  • Number of adults & children
  • Ages of children
  • Booking lead time
  • Source agency
  • Optional bedding
  • Any other selectable options which you can specify

    Your tariff and conditional rules are programmed to automatically calculate different extra rates for additional adults and children, optional packages, short notice bookings etc. All automatically calculated tariff calculations can be manually overridden, so you stay in control.

    Cost and revenue elements associated with a particular booking are displayed as Line items. Line items are either automatically generated by the AutoQuoter, or added manually to reflect ad-hoc charges. Charges can be entered as either "per night" or "once off". All line items in the database can be reported on using QRes's reporting tools, providing a complete revenue-accounting system for your accommodation business.

    Network friendly and Scalable
    The system can be used simultaneously by multiple computers on your local network. In fact, full functionality is even available from any remote location with an Internet connection. Travel with a portable PC and know what is going on with your business while you're away. This makes QRes ideal for properties which are managed from multiple locations.

    QRes can optionally use enterprise level databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL in a true 3-tiered configuration to support establishments of any size. This is also ideal for larger establishments who wish to integrate QRes with other existing systems.

    Reporting and Printing
    A range of Letters, Booking Reports, Operations Reports and Accounting Reports is available by default, but we also includes a report template editor which lets you customise the standard letters/reports as well as create your own new ones.

    With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can back up your entire database off-site to the QRes Connect server, to protect your reservations data against any kind of catastrophe.
    You can also save all of your data to a single backup file, for example to burn onto CD or DVD.

    Zip / Postcode / Town / Suburb lookups
    Type in a postcode or zip code, and the State/Region changes for you, and town/suburb name(s) appear.
    Works the other way around too, if you enter the town name first.

    QRes Connect
    QRes can only be used with a QRes Connect Subscription. The interface with the Channel Manager ResOnline is optional