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  QRes Connect

Advanced accommodation booking system on your own website
Commission free internet bookings
QRes windows property management system
All for a very low annual subscription.

QRes Connect is an online service which plugs your website directly into your business. It interfaces with QRes, our complete reservation package for Windows.

Full list of inclusions:

Setup of your QRes installation.
All you need to do is to run the QRes installer, then connect to the QRes server. Your establishment profile which QRes support staff prepare (at no cost) from the information you provide about your your rooms/units, date ranges, standard tariffs and minimum stays is uploaded into the system on your PC. You can be up and running in hours.

The unique AutoQuoter system models your tariff and conditions more accurately than any other system on the market.

There is no need for face to face meetings to install and configure QRes for your property. QRes support staff are highly experienced in installing QRes remotely; thereby avoiding expensive technical site visits.

The AutoQuoter system gives instant, accurate accommodation quotes.

This eliminates having to manually calculate a price for every prospective guest, and removes the inevitable and potentially embarrassing & costly errors that arise from manual quoting.

Online Backup and Restore

QRes users can backup their entire reservations database offsite (on our secure server) with just a few mouse clicks. Sleep well at night knowing that you have the ultimate disaster recovery plan for your reservation management system: It is as simple as reconnecting to the QRes Internet Server, downloading the latest version of QRes, and choosing the restore option during installation.

Commission free bookings
Bookings made through your own website via QRes Connect is commission free. Commission may apply to bookings made through third party websites via the ResOnline channel manager interface.

QRes Support
  • Extensive QRes User Manual. Log on to download
  • Email support is available to QRes Connect clients.
  • Most QRes users manage and maintain their own tariff updates and rules revisions. We can provide support services tailored to your requirements for this ongoing maintenance if you are unable to carry out these functions and are unable to find appropriate local IT support.

    QRes Connect requires, as a prerequisite, that the customer has and maintains a fully functioning internet connection at the location at which the local QRes installation is located. We do not provide support for difficulties being experienced with a customer's internet connection, or computer settings required to connect and maintain the connection to the internet.